Is it possible to approach God solely through chanting mantras? Yes, Definitely achievable. When the mantra is uttered, the mind perceives it, and even if you recite it with devotion, the money disappears. Reciting the mantra regularly, many individuals have achieved a state of enlightenment. Many great souls and mahatmas have attained it, even if they wander in search of God.

How to Reach God Through Mantras?

Mantras alone will not protect you, no matter how many mantras you chant and how many times you chant them. Saint says, “Whether sought in cities or in forests, whether sought in palaces or in the abodes of gods, righteousness will find its way, just as a horse finds its path, leaving behind the footprints of truth”. No matter what you search for, those actions will not protect you. So, it is important to focus on Dharma.

You should have the quality of helping others more. Even if there is no support from anyone, even if you have no financial assistance, you should act in a righteous and ethical manner. Some people remember the quality of helping others. Then let us fulfill those righteous actions that we are capable of doing. Let us maintain the good quality that we aspire for. All these will surely protect and guide us. Only when you have the good qualities you can progress to the next level. It is impossible to obtain the Divine, if you remain in an ordinary state, do not rely on anyone for help, and devote more time to chanting mantras.

The person who understands compassion is modest and engaged in extended mantra chanting in order to focus totally on their soul without harming other beings. The Divine frightens him as well. You must go through the karma ceremonies to fully feel it. When this is the scenario, it is impossible to recognize the Divine and Spirituality and certainly impossible to see God and cannot get the blessings of God.