In a world where territorial boundaries are defined by the passing of urine for dogs, humans, too, mark their territories with a different kind of liquid – ink on paper. However, as we navigate through this life, it’s essential to reflect on the broader perspective that everything belongs to a higher power. This blog explores the idea that acknowledging the divine ownership of our world can lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious existence.

The Canine Instinct vs. Human Boundaries

Diving into the curious parallel between dogs marking territory and humans delineating borders, it’s intriguing to consider the fundamental differences in our approaches. While dogs instinctively claim their spaces, humans, armed with papers and agreements, divide the world into nations and regions.

Recognizing God’s Creation

Delving into the spiritual perspective, this section emphasizes the belief that the entire world is a creation of a higher power. By recognizing that everything around us is a manifestation of divine creation, we can cultivate a sense of gratitude and humility. From the vast landscapes to the tiniest organisms, every element is part of a grand design.

God’s Blessings and Our Responsibility

Considering the divine ownership of the world, we explore the idea that living in harmony with the land brings us blessings from a higher power. However, these blessings come with a responsibility. It’s not just about claiming ownership; it’s about nurturing and preserving the gifts we’ve been given. How can we strike a balance between utilizing resources and being responsible stewards of the earth?

Desires and the Pursuit of Moksha

Reflecting on the consequences of insatiable desires, this section explores how the pursuit of more can lead to a life devoid of peace. Drawing from spiritual teachings, the blog examines the connection between contentment, inner peace, and the ultimate goal of Moksha. Can adopting a mindset of sufficiency and gratitude lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence?


As we navigate our lives, it’s worth contemplating the parallels between our actions and those of our canine companions. By recognizing the divine ownership of our world and approaching it with gratitude and responsibility, we may find a path toward a more harmonious and spiritually enriching existence. After all, in the grand tapestry of creation, every corner of the world is a reflection of a higher power’s artistry.