In our journey through life, we often seek meaning and purpose, striving to escape the confines of our daily existence. Some believe that we are living in a virtual reality on Earth, and to break free from it, we must awaken a profound understanding of the world around us. This blog explores the concept of Dhuriyam, the path to wisdom through the lens of love and compassion.

1. The Illusion of Reality:

To embark on the path of Dhuriyam, one must first recognize that everything in this world is not truly ours. We should view the world as a dream, understanding that our possessions and attachments are merely fleeting illusions. This shift in perception is the initial step toward awakening the Dhuriyam within.

2. Embracing Divine Presence:

Central to the journey of Dhuriyam is the acknowledgment that there is a greater force at play. Recognizing that God is everything and that He orchestrates every aspect of our lives helps us detach from the idea of personal ownership and control.

3. The Awakening of Dhuriyam:

Dhuriyam is the inner essence that allows us to see the truth behind the illusions of the world. By continuously viewing our daily life as a dream, we gradually awaken Dhuriyam. This newfound perspective enables us to perceive the world from a different angle, one that transcends the material and superficial.

4. The Path of Compassion:

To attain wisdom, one must follow the path of compassion. This means sharing and giving without selfish intentions. Compassion allows us to break free from the ego’s grip and opens our hearts to the needs of others.

5. Sharing the Bounty:

Generosity becomes a powerful tool on the journey towards Dhuriyam. By sharing our blessings, we not only help others but also cleanse our souls from the burdens of possessiveness. This practice leads to the gradual opening of Dhuriyam, bringing us closer to wisdom.

6. Love and Compassion as Catalysts:

Love and compassion are the driving forces that ignite the Dhuriyam within. These virtues have the power to transform our perception of the world, elevating us to a higher level of consciousness and understanding.


In our quest to escape the virtual reality of Earth and uncover the truth, we must embark on the path of Dhuriyam. By embracing the idea that nothing is truly ours, acknowledging the divine presence, and practicing love and compassion, we can awaken the Dhuriyam within ourselves. This journey leads to wisdom and enlightenment, allowing us to see the world through a different lens—a lens of love, compassion, and profound understanding.