In every action and good deed, it is important not to take personal credit. Instead, believe that these actions are enabled by God. By attributing our deeds to divine intervention, we avoid accumulating karma. In Islam, phrases like “Insha Allah” (if God wills) and “Masha Allah” (God has willed) reflect this mindset. Acknowledging God’s role in our actions helps us attain liberation by ensuring no deeds—good or bad—are saved against us.

Understanding the Supreme Power

God is a supreme power encompassing creation, operation, and destruction—often abbreviated as G.O.D. A true understanding of this power is essential. It is believed that God blesses us and reveals secrets at the right time, helping us reach a state of maturity and focus. When God reveals these secrets, we experience immense joy, far beyond the temporary happiness derived from external factors.

Pursuing Internal Happiness

The joy from external factors is fleeting and dependent on circumstances. Instead, we should strive for internal happiness, which is permanent. Understanding what we truly need is the first step. External joy is an illusion; true happiness lies within. By stopping the mind from wandering, we can receive answers through a transcendental voice and become one with the divine.

Attaining Divinity and Supernatural Powers

When we calm our minds and avoid unnecessary thoughts, we can hear God speaking within us. Desires are natural, but greed should be avoided. The world we see is an illusion, and by calming the mind, we gain God’s grace and see reality. Living a life guided by God’s path can help us attain liberation and escape the cycle of birth and death.

The Illusion of Worldly Attachments

Life is short, and the world is filled with pain and suffering. We should focus on escaping the cycle of birth and death. After death, nothing from this world follows us; only our good deeds are accounted for. We will be remembered merely as a dead body. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on our work without chasing material wealth.

Respect, Humility, and the Inner Voice

Blaming or complaining about others’ good deeds accumulates negative karma. Respect and humility allow the divine voice within to guide us. Constantly chasing after material success leads to depression and stress. Instead, we should strive to do nothing unnecessary, living a life of simplicity and spiritual focus.

The Futility of Effort in Worldly Pursuits

We often invest significant effort in relationships and material pursuits, but how much effort do we invest in our spiritual growth? Use this physical body to work towards liberation and escape the cycle of birth and death. This life is a game; the goal is to escape it by understanding the divine.

Joining Spiritual Practices

Participating in spiritual classes and dedicating our full attention to them can help us on this path. By doing so, we align ourselves with the divine, ultimately achieving liberation and eternal peace.