God doesn’t allow us to remember our previous lives because these memories could interfere with our current journey. If we were aware of our past lives, the recollections could overshadow our present experiences, hindering our growth and development. It is believed that God will reveal these memories when we have attained sufficient maturity.

Learning to Accept Life’s Sportive Nature

To gain maturity, we must first learn to accept life with a sportive and easygoing attitude. Life’s challenges and problems are not meant to be obstacles, but growth opportunities. Instead of running away from difficulties, we should face them head-on, using our knowledge and experiences to solve them. Each problem is a lesson designed to help us mature and evolve.

Gaining Experience: The Divine Path

Every experience we gain in our work and daily life is a form of divine learning. Living life according to our wishes allows us to accumulate karma and face its consequences. The universe provides us with experiences to foster our growth and understanding.

The Importance of Nature and Wisdom

As our world faces the threat of extinction, it becomes crucial to live in harmony with nature. Societies that prioritize nature often attain greater wisdom. Respecting and nurturing nature is essential for our survival and spiritual growth.

Food: The Greatest Philosophy

Food is fundamental to life; without it, no one can survive. Understanding the importance of food is one of the greatest philosophies of existence. Our time in this world is limited, and the quality of our lives and future lives depends on our actions today.

Liberation Through Compassion and Surrender

If the prospect of a miserable future in subsequent births is unsettling, we have the option to seek liberation. By practicing compassion and surrendering ourselves to God, we can escape the cycle of rebirth. This path leads to ultimate freedom and peace.


We are born to gain experiences and grow spiritually. Embracing life’s challenges, respecting nature, and understanding the value of food are essential steps toward maturity. By living compassionately and surrendering to the divine, we can attain liberation and ensure a better future for ourselves and the world.