In the realm of spirituality and yogic practices, there’s a misconception that great individuals or yogis can completely stop eating. However, this notion disregards food’s essential role in maintaining health, vitality, and spiritual balance. Let’s explore why spiritual individuals must continue consuming food, albeit mindfully.

The Myth of Food Abstinence:

Contrary to popular belief, spiritual aspirants shouldn’t cease eating altogether. While some ancient yogis may have subsisted solely on medicinal plants and products, modern life necessitates a different approach. Our contemporary food landscape often lacks essential nutrients, making it imperative for spiritual individuals to maintain a regular eating routine.

Maintaining Physical Health:

The body is the temple of the soul, and its upkeep is vital for spiritual progression. Consuming food provides the necessary nutrients for bodily functions, energy production, and overall well-being. Neglecting to eat can lead to detrimental consequences such as intestinal shrinkage, ulcers, and a decline in life force.

Balancing Spiritual Practices:

Yogic exercises and spiritual practices generate internal heat and induce changes in breath patterns and elemental compositions within the body. While these transformations may naturally reduce hunger, it’s essential to strike a balance by nourishing the body with regular, nutritious meals. Eating at least twice a day, in moderation, ensures that the body remains strong and resilient on the spiritual journey.

Mindful Eating Habits:

Incorporating mindfulness into eating habits enhances the spiritual experience. Eating for half stomach, as advised by ancient wisdom, allows individuals to savor food without overindulging. Additionally, integrating sanjeevini—a potent life-force enhancing substance—into daily consumption rituals can further bolster physical and spiritual vitality.

Embracing Nutrient-Rich Foods:

Choosing nutrient-dense foods is essential for supporting the body’s nutritional needs. While modern diets may fall short in providing adequate nourishment, conscious food choices can mitigate deficiencies and promote overall health. Spiritual individuals should prioritize consuming whole foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients.


In the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, it’s crucial to recognize the symbiotic relationship between food and yogic life. Rather than shunning eating altogether, spiritual individuals should embrace a balanced approach that honors the body’s needs while nurturing the soul. By cultivating mindful eating habits, prioritizing nutrient-rich foods, and incorporating sanjeevini into daily rituals, practitioners can optimize their physical and spiritual well-being on the path to divine realization.