No one is more knowledgeable than God. Our minds constantly wander, generating numerous thoughts. For all your problems, slow your mind down, and the answers will come from within you. Solutions will come from the divine within you. We should allow the divine within us to function better to lead a better life.

Surrender to the Divine

Just surrender yourself completely to God, and He will treat you like a child. Your karma will be cleansed, but the path will be difficult. It is essential to realize this. Problems arise because we lack wisdom, and wisdom does not come because of fear. We experience fear because we lack belief in God.

The Power of Complete Belief

We should completely believe in God, no matter what happens. If you have 100% belief, you will not have any fear. God has created every being. Consider the miracle of childbirth and the natural provision of milk from a mother. For all your problems, there is only one reason: we do not believe in God.

Trust in the Divine Plan

Whatever problems you have, believe that God will take care of them. You will find solutions when you remain in this stage of complete trust. You should change yourselves. Cultivate belief, and allow the divine wisdom within you to guide your life. By doing so, you will lead a better, more fulfilled life.