Life, as we know it, has been described by many as a grand game crafted by a divine force. In this intricate game, the intelligent players will play the game by enjoying it. To “win” this enigmatic game, the ultimate goal is attaining liberation—a state of transcendence that frees us from the cycle of birth and rebirth. The path to victory lies in recognizing that everything in this world, even our most cherished loved ones, is but an illusion, carefully orchestrated by a higher power. Let’s delve into the profound wisdom that guides us on this journey, where enjoying life’s pleasures is not wrong, but falling into the trap of illusion is to be avoided.

The Illusion of Life:

To comprehend the nature of this existence, we must first acknowledge that the world around us is an illusion. This illusion is meticulously created by a divine force often referred to as God. While it’s not wrong to relish the pleasures and experiences this world offers, we must exercise caution not to become ensnared by its enchantment.

Selflessness and Compassion:

An essential aspect of this spiritual journey is embracing selflessness. True goodness arises when we feel the pain of others as if it were our own. This empathy, this compassion for all living beings, is a crucial step toward reaching the divine. To be considered a virtuous person is to be deeply moved by the suffering of others. It is through this empathy that we can escape the cycle of birth and death, ultimately achieving liberation.

The Reality Behind the Illusion:

Our existence may seem incredibly realistic, but it is not inherently true. Every facet of this world, every relationship, and every possession is a mere mirage, skillfully crafted by the hand of God. To attain true wisdom, we must realize this fundamental truth – that the world we perceive is but a veil hiding the ultimate reality.

The Path to Liberation:

As we embark on this path, we must remain unwavering in our pursuit of liberation. It’s essential not to be swayed by the material temptations that may cross our path. God, in His wisdom, provides us with the necessary resources to navigate this intricate game. Our focus should always remain on the ultimate goal – liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


Life, as we know it, is a captivating illusion, a divine creation. To navigate this intricate game successfully, we must maintain a balance between enjoying life’s pleasures and avoiding the snares of illusion. Selflessness and compassion for others will guide us on this transformative journey, helping us break free from the cycle of birth and attain liberation. In our pursuit of true wisdom, we discover that God supports us with the necessary tools to triumph in this grand game of life. So, let us remain steadfast on our path toward liberation, ever aware of the illusion that surrounds us, and embrace the profound wisdom that leads us closer to the divine.