Marriage is a significant social institution that varies widely across cultures, but its core essence remains consistent: it’s a union that often involves commitment, partnership, and mutual support. However, it’s crucial to fully understand what marriage entails before making the decision to marry. This understanding can prevent many misconceptions and challenges that often arise within marital relationships.

The Perceived Loss of Freedom

One common perspective is that marriage can feel like a loss of personal freedom. The commitment requires a shift from individualistic thinking to a partnership mindset. This shift can sometimes be perceived as confining, akin to being in a “jail” where one’s personal desires and freedoms are curtailed in favor of the partnership.

The Societal Expectations and Pressures

Marriage is often seen as a societal expectation, a “lock” orchestrated by societal norms and pressures. Many people enter marriage without fully grasping its implications, which can lead to stress and dissatisfaction. It’s essential to recognize these societal pressures and to make an informed, personal decision about marriage rather than succumbing to external expectations.

The Reality of Marital Stress and Depression

Statistics suggest that a significant proportion of married individuals experience stress and depression. Around 95% of married people reportedly live with these challenges. This high percentage underscores the importance of entering marriage with a clear understanding and realistic expectations.

The Path to Happiness in Marriage

Happiness in marriage isn’t guaranteed. It often requires a deep understanding of oneself, one’s partner, and the dynamics of the relationship. Those who find happiness in marriage typically possess a profound understanding of their minds and a connection to a higher purpose or spirituality. This connection can provide a foundation of inner peace and resilience.

The Importance of Mutual Giving

A successful marriage hinges on the mentality of giving rather than just receiving. When partners focus solely on what they can get from each other, the relationship suffers. True love and connection blossom when both partners prioritize giving and supporting each other. This mutual generosity fosters a deep and lasting bond.

Experiencing Transcendence Through Unity

When two individuals with a giving mentality come together in marriage, their union can reach a transcendent level. This deep connection can manifest in various aspects of the relationship, including physical intimacy. Through such a profound union, some believe that partners can experience a divine connection, seeing “god through sex.”

Focus and Understanding

Focusing on the present moment and understanding the underlying dynamics is crucial in any aspect of life, including marriage. This focus allows individuals to navigate challenges effectively and to grow from their experiences. By staying mindful and learning from each other, partners can strengthen their relationship and find fulfillment.

Learning and Evolving

Marriage, like any significant life experience, offers numerous lessons. Couples who approach their relationship with an open mind and a willingness to learn can evolve together. This continuous learning and adaptation can help them overcome difficulties and deepen their bond.


Marriage is a complex and deeply personal journey that requires a thorough understanding and a commitment to mutual growth. By embracing a mentality of giving, focusing on the present, and learning from each experience, couples can navigate the challenges of marriage and find lasting happiness and fulfillment.