In a world filled with wonders like gravity, it is difficult to deny the existence of a higher power. Many spiritual leaders throughout history have shared profound insights into our connection with the divine. Vallalar, an esteemed spiritual figure, believed that God and human beings are fundamentally the same. However, he cautioned that understanding this truth could lead to arrogance.

Vallalar suggested that when the time is right, God Himself would appear and reveal the inherent oneness between humans and the divine. It is during our limited time on Earth that we should prioritize earning grace rather than accumulating material wealth. Thiruvalluvar and Thirumoolar, two prominent Tamil saints, emphasized the significance of holding onto God and using our human existence wisely.

The Oneness of Human and Divine:

Vallalar’s teachings highlight the concept of the divine spark within each of us. He proposed that the realization of our inherent unity with God can lead to profound spiritual growth. However, he warned against arrogance, as understanding our divine nature should bring humility and compassion, not superiority.

Earning Grace instead of Wealth:

In a society obsessed with material possessions and monetary success, Vallalar’s message serves as a profound reminder. Life is transient, and our true purpose lies in seeking grace and spiritual enlightenment rather than accumulating worldly wealth. True wealth lies in the richness of our character, the depth of our compassion, and the love we share with others.

Holding onto God:

Thiruvalluvar, the ancient Tamil poet, and philosopher, accentuated the importance of staying connected to the divine. He understood that the path to spiritual growth and realization requires a steadfast commitment to seeking and embracing God. By holding onto the divine, we cultivate a sense of guidance, purpose, and inner strength.

The Consequences of Actions:

Thirumoolar’s teachings shed light on the karmic consequences of our actions. He believed that our present existence is the result of countless rebirths, making this human life a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution. Thirumoolar warned that indulging in sinful acts can lead to our own spiritual demotion in future lives, thus emphasizing the need to make conscious choices and engage in virtuous deeds.


In a world driven by material pursuits, the wisdom of Vallalar, Thiruvalluvar, and Thirumoolar offers a profound perspective on our spiritual journey. Recognizing the inherent unity between humans and the divine can bring about a profound transformation in our lives. Instead of solely focusing on accumulating material wealth, we should strive to earn grace, nurture our connection with the divine, and lead a life filled with compassion and virtuous actions. Let us embrace the preciousness of this human existence, utilizing it wisely to cultivate spiritual growth and spread love and goodness in the world.