It would be best if you take Sanjeevini and Vairadegi every day on regular basis. The reason why should you take this regularly is that our food intake is not enough to live life healthily. We only take rice, and wheat on regular basis. Our food routine is the same every day, and the diet is not changed. By following the same food chart our body won’t get enough nutrients. Hence, I suggest you consume these two powders which are made of rare herbs and multigrain.

Benefits of Sanjeevini

This powder mix has a lot of benefits. It helps to cure wheezing problems. The primary concern of this powder is to increase the power of life. It also boosts your immunity. Once you get more immunity power, then it will protect you from falling sick. I have been taking lectures and talking to you people since morning but I still feel fresh and active. It’s because of the yoga practice I do and also the Sanjeevini powder mix I consume every day.

Benefits of Vairathegi

You will feel energetic when you take this powder every day. It helps to heal many health problems including sinus, spinal problems, PCOD, and period cramps. Vairathegi powder mix helps to heal heart problems. Taking this powder mix for at least 5 years your body will become healthy and you can live life healthily and happily.