Let’s see what you should do in the morning as soon as you wake up. Meanwhile, you have to visualize the imagery of flame between your eyebrows before opening your eyes. Some may bypass this and open their eyes instantly while waking up. It’s totally fine if you unknowingly open your eyes. You can close your eyes and then start visualizing the flame between your eyebrows.

How to visualize?

However one can’t get the imagery at the beginning itself. But you should not give up and rehearse regularly to visualize the imagery. You have to do it in the morning every day before waking up with your closed eyes. By visualizing it and practicing every day you will be able to set the flame between your eyebrows properly. Meantime, make your wish by praying for the grace of light. Pray the Lord to give you a happy life, to help you overcome difficult situations, and to protect you from bad souls around you.

Prayers to God

The light will make all your wishes come true. Thus envision the image of flame between your eyebrows and put forward your wishes, it will make it happen. It will make you to feel more peaceful, more concentrated, and delighted. Therefore this is the primary thing you should do as soon as you wake up.