In our daily lives, we often overlook the power and significance of something as fundamental as our breath. However, there are ancient teachings and philosophies that suggest a profound connection between our breath and our spiritual journey. In this blog, we will delve into breath control, its impact on our mind and body, and how it can lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

The Essence of Breath:

While thinking and breathing are distinct processes, there exists a profound connection between them. Our breath, which occurs automatically, holds the key to unlocking a realm of knowledge and spiritual growth. Vallalar, a revered spiritual teacher, referred to this as “thiruchitrampalam education” or learning about God, emphasizing the importance of understanding the breath for immortal education.

The Ten Classifications of Air/Vaayu:

Within our bodies, the Vaayu/air is classified into ten kinds, each with its own unique function. These include Pranan, Apanan, Vyanan, Udanan, Samanan, Nagan, Koorman, Kirugaran, Devadharthan, and Dhananjayan. As we inhale, the air we breathe is transformed into these ten types, playing vital roles in various bodily functions. By comprehending these intricacies, we can unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

The Journey Within:

To truly grasp the mysteries of the universe, we must first embark on an exploration of our own bodies. Learning about the body becomes a gateway to comprehending the vastness of the cosmos. By delving deep within ourselves through breath control exercises and meditation, we gain insights that expand our awareness beyond the confines of our physical existence.

Mastering the Breath:

The technique of breath control is a fundamental aspect of this journey. By honing our ability to control and regulate our breath, we gain mastery over our physical and mental states. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and practices like pranayama enable us to tap into the hidden potential within us. As we learn to intercept our breath, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities.

The Universe in Your Hands:

As we deepen our understanding of our bodies and refine our breath control techniques, we begin to experience a profound transformation. The interconnectedness of our breath, mind, and spirit becomes apparent, and we gain a heightened sense of connection to the universe. With this newfound awareness, we realize that the secrets of the cosmos lie within us, waiting to be unveiled.


The journey of breath control and self-exploration is a profound one, leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe. Through practices that enable us to dive within, we unlock the potential to transcend the limitations of our physical existence and tap into the boundless wisdom that surrounds us. So, take a moment, close your eyes, and embark on a transformative voyage by simply following the rhythm of your breath. The universe awaits your discovery.