Few of you set a goal among yourself to earn 100 crore rupees in mind and work accordingly. You itself fix it up in your mind, put your nose to the grindstone, and struggle on till 70 to 80 years and make yourself weak. Eventually, you will lose your good health and peace of mind. Let’s see how to self-analyze and check your quality by yourself in this blog.

Comparison of two persons

For example, let’s compare two persons who earn 500 rupees and 5000 crore rupees. The one who earns 500 rupees will be happier than the latter. Because the last one won’t feel satisfied and aims to double the 500 crores and keep on working hard. They won’t enjoy the money they earn and will always seem busy. However they have more money with them comparatively, so they can’t enjoy it fully. These people had invested money as property or land which they can’t sell whenever they think of it. Henceforth they don’t have cash in liquidity form.

How to lead Peaceful life?

Though they earn 5000 crore money, they will lose peace of mind. People around them will cheat them and will be fake to them. Everyone around them will not be real and be with you only for your money. So we need only sufficient money to lead a peaceful life. The one with more money will always be in fear and cant lead happy life like the one who earns 500 rupees. For example, some people would have set their mind like they will have a proper sleep only in a five-star hotel. It’s just because of their mindset, they got habituated to those thoughts.

Self Analyze and Quality Checking

All of us should self-analyze our capabilities. You should self-analyze and quality check yourself whether you can be able to accommodate any situation. Likewise, you should self-analyze whether you got addicted to anything or whether you would be able to come out of it anytime. If anyone says that you live a contented life if you eat three meals per day, then it seems that you had set your mind like that. Similarly, some people say that they are settled after setting up a business and getting revenue every month. This isn’t a growth, this is just setting up a regular income and making you financially strong. Apart from doing this, you should worship God every day to attain supreme consciousness.