There is much difference between physical attraction and love. You should not confuse among both. Life itself is an illusion and in that love is not an exception. Love is also fake and I never mention the supreme power love as an illusion. You should understand the reality to know what is true love and to lead a happy life.

Things people do in the name of love

The so called love which you guys say these days are just a contract. It is like you doing a favor and expecting something from the person in return. For example, lets say I will satisfy your mental and physical desires and you should take care of my economical needs. The true love is giving love without expectations. Now-a-days people fight for unnecessary things like not giving respect, not behaving as you like and so on. You exchange bad words, hurt each others and say this love is true. But it is not a true love. You fake in the name of love.

What is true love?

In the initial stages, people will only get physical attraction not love. True love wont expect anything from the partner and will give lot of care, love endlessly. True love wont get hurted at any cost and will be ready to sacrifice anything for the partner. This true love is sacrificing themselves to make the partner live happily. Similarily, true love wont see the place, time and will do anything and everything for the partner. Though the entire world blames you, true love will stand for itself and prove everyone. You can match yourself with the above statements and understand whether your love is true or not. If it doesn’t matches it is just a contract.

Failing in life

Yo may scold me for saying these things. But it is the truth. In the initial stages, you will only get attracted because of physical attractions. You will get locked into it. Some people do marriages as soon as you attain an age irrespective of knowing about life, the person you share your life with in a haste. Later you worry about taking hasty decisions once you are hurted by the partner both physically and mentally. Then you file case, apply for divorces and do other legal procedures. All these unnecessary troubles happens in your life because of lack of understanding, knowledge and guidance.

Importance of Understanding the reality

You are not a wrong person but you dint get a right support or guidance to understand your life. You will get good understanding when you start understanding the reality. Finally, you should understand that only physical attraction happens in life to many. Its just a contract and not a true love. In order to succeed and to make your life happier start understanding your partner. Try to confess the mistakes you have done with your partner and rectify it. If you don’t do it, you cant change yourselves. Dont do mistakes twice, try to learn from your mistakes and do the same mistakes. Dont show attitude towards your partner and be loyal. By following these, you can lead a happy life with your partner.