Can we achieve liberation only by following the five elements? It is indeed a good question, and it is certain that liberation can be attained by honoring the five elements. Among the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, whichever element you venerate, the divine will come to your aid and support those elements.

Understanding the Five Elements

The term “Pancha Bhoota” refers to the five elements. The great sages have described these elements as powerful forces that have attained immense strength and are beyond the realm of ordinary understanding. During that time, it was the divine who controlled and directed these powerful elements. Regardless of which element you believe in, you can understand the functioning of that divine force. However, currently, when you come across someone with a lot of ego and selfishness, you may face many challenges.

What can I do for you?

Therefore, I cannot find any solutions for you. I am not a mere fortune-teller, and I cannot perform miracles. For example, I cannot make a palatable dish out of raw rice grain, nor I can’t turn a simple temple into a great abode. However, I have believed in the fulfillment of the divine and have taken refuge in it. That is why I believe in Arutperunjothi Andavar.

I have surrendered myself to the divine. If you surrender to the divine, then whatever desires you have, the divine will fulfill them. However, I do not possess the capability to guide and fulfill your expectations. Understand that I am just someone who has taken refuge in my gurus, and they are guiding you.

Unveiling the Divine Connection

When you align with any of the five elements, if you have complete trust in them, those elements will assist you at that initial stage. However, it is not within my power to fulfill all your desires.

The divine force that controls and directs the powerful five elements will assist you if you surrender to it. Trust in your gurus, as they have reached a state where they can guide you. I am here to support and guide you as well, but I cannot fulfill all your expectations.