In a world where empathy seems to be in short supply, it’s essential to reflect on our actions and their impact on the lives of other beings. What if we were to perceive all living beings as extensions of ourselves, recognizing the presence of divinity within them? This perspective challenges our dietary choices, particularly when it comes to consuming meat. In this blog, we’ll explore the moral and spiritual implications of killing and eating animals and why some ancient wisdom, like Thiruvalluvar’s teachings, continues to resonate today.

The Interconnectedness of Life:

Imagine viewing the world through a lens that sees all living beings as fellow travelers on this journey called life. This perspective invites us to acknowledge that we are all made of the same cosmic particles, or as some might say, “god particles.” Recognizing the inherent divinity within all life forms emphasizes our shared existence and interconnectedness.

The Divine Within:

Many spiritual traditions and philosophies assert that the divine presence resides within every living being. Whether you call it God, the Universe, or the essence of life itself, this belief underscores the sanctity of all life. It challenges us to reevaluate our treatment of other creatures, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals.

The Moral Dilemma of Meat Consumption:

One of the most pressing ethical dilemmas of our time lies in our dietary choices. When we choose to consume meat, we are directly responsible for the lives of the animals we consume. They have their own desires, their own will to live, and the capacity to experience pain and suffering. The question arises: Do we have the right to take their lives for our pleasure?

Thiruvalluvar’s Wisdom:

Thirukural, written by the sage Thiruvalluvar, poses a profound question: Can we attain a divine level of existence while we participate in the killing of other living beings for our gastronomic desires? This sentiment challenges our spiritual growth and ethical progress.


As we journey through life, it’s worth pondering the impact of our choices on the world around us. Embracing the idea that all living beings possess an intrinsic spark of divinity challenges us to reconsider our approach to meat consumption. It encourages us to tread lightly, exercise compassion, and seek harmony with the web of life that connects us all. Thiruvalluvar’s words remind us that the path to a higher spiritual plane is paved with empathy and kindness toward all living beings, and in that journey, we might find a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose.