Love is one of the wonderful things in this Universe. If you think that Love is something that happens between a boy, and a girl, then you are wrong. Love is eternal, and it is not limited to people or to the material. Love is selfless. It is one of the most sacred things that ever exist here in this Universe. What about Love failure then? It will be a heartbreaking one. Totally agreed with that. Yet, what is the truth that is behind these Love failures, and how to overcome the failures of Love? Here in this article, our Brother, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu from Paramporul Foundation shares his thoughts on one of the most important topics, which is “Love Failure is not an End”. Let us get into the article.

Key Points about this Article:

  1. Guruve Sharanam!
  2. Love is something that exists everywhere. It can be with our pets, parents, and with even objects. It is not just restricted to opposite genders.
  3. In Love, it is all about giving. Like a tree, that gives oxygen, shade, fruits, barks, etc irrespective of whether we water them or take care of them.
  4. Love is a part of nature itself. We should also not forget that we too belong to nature only. We are not something that is not related to nature.
  5. Love failures can be very difficult. It is totally understandable. The person who was there with us all these years sharing all the things, when they just go away leaving us, it can be devastating but it is not the end.
  6. Love failure is not an end rather it is the opportunity for a new horizon. The one who left us really didn’t deserve us, and we deserve a much better than them.
  7. This life is full of treasures, and opportunities. The right one will come to you at the right time.
  8. You have all the rights to be sad, cry out, and everything but eventually get over it, move on, the new horizon is waiting for you to make your life much happier.

Love Failure is not an End:

This article has been transcribed from the YouTube video of Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation, and the following is the YouTube link.

Love is a part of mother nature. When it comes to nature, it is all about giving. Let us take a tree which is a part of mother nature. A tree gives us Oxygen to breathe, gives us shade, gives us fruits, gives us barks, and a lot more. It does not really matter to it whether we water it or take care of it. It will just give. Just like that, a human is also a part of mother nature. We are not aliens. We belong here, and we have such a close connection with nature. So, we should also develop the nature of giving things than expecting things.

Love is all about Giving, just like our Mother nature!

Love is a feeling that a boy gets on a girl and vice versa?

It is a straight No. Love is eternal. It can never be limited. It can never be controlled. We can love pets, our parents, teachers, friends, and anything, and anyone. Love is pure. It becomes restricted only when a factor called “Sex” gets involved. Then, it becomes something that happens between a boy and a girl who are in a relationship with each other.

How hard a Love failure can break you down?

Pretty hard it can be. It is totally understandable. The pain it causes. The person who was with us all these years sharing everything including private things suddenly leaves us and goes away. We will all be filled with their memories and thoughts, and it is going to be extremely difficult to cope up with Love Failures but you should because, they left you because they don’t deserve you, and you deserve better. In fact, it is after the love failures, that one becomes a more and more valuable person because a whole new better life is waiting for them ahead. A new Horizon is what you should be looking at.

What is the Conclusion then?

It is very simple. Be sad, or cry out but get back on your track and move because they don’t deserve you, and you deserve better. Go for the new Horizon that is waiting for you. Your life will be the happiest. With Love, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu

Thank you for your time and patience.