Every one of us wants respect right? Why so? If we decode respect, we can find a lot of things hiding in it. It is Love, Happiness, Kindness, confidence and etc are all inside respect and that is why giving respect to others is very important in life. Here in this article, our Brother, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu from Paramporul Foundation is going to talk about the benefits of Treating others with respect, and what it actually brings back to us.

Key Points about this Article:

  1. Guruve Sharanam. God is my Asylum.
  2. It is very important in life to treat others with respect.
  3. If you want respect, then you should give respect to others in life. You can find this in all the holy books such as Bible, Quaran, Bhavad Gita, Tirukural, etc.
  4. Respect brings us confidence, happiness, kindness, and positivism in life.
  5. If you are giving respect and others are respecting you back, then it is better, and if they don’t respect you back, then it is even better. Learn to live a selfless life.

Benefits of treating others with respect:

The concept is very simple. Give respect if you want respect. If we look for respect from others, then we should know to respect others. By respecting them, we actually are increasing their kindness to others, self-confidence, and affection for others. If we can give it to them, then the good things will surely come back to us. We can be self-confident, and kind-hearted. We can spread positivity around us which is what the world wants at this point of time.

What if I treat them with respect but they won’t give respect to me?

The answer is simple. If you give respect to a person, and he gives respect to you, then it is better. In case he didn’t give respect to you, then it is much better. Learn to live the life like Budda. Don’t get yourself into the Earthly pleasures.

Conclusion of the Article:

Respect is a give and take policy. Give respect to others, you will get it back. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.