Sex is a natural and integral part of human life. It’s not wrong; rather, it’s something we should understand deeply. Humans seek to satisfy their partners sexually, striving to reach a peak experience. When we achieve this peak, we can move beyond it. The challenge lies in reaching this peak, and many find it elusive. However, there is more to sexual energy than just physical satisfaction.

The Power of Sperm Energy

The concept of sperm energy, or life energy, is profound. One can achieve great wisdom by not wasting this energy on earthly needs and instead focusing on using it for spiritual purposes. The idea is to channel this energy upwards, rather than downwards. If sperm energy is not expended for 12 years, one can become a sage, a wisdom-filled individual. This practice is challenging but rewarding.

Two Paths of Life Energy

Life energy can be directed in two ways:

1. Creation of New Life: When directed downwards, this energy results in procreation, bringing new life into the world.
2. Attainment of Wisdom: This energy leads to spiritual enlightenment and true wisdom when directed upwards.

This choice lies in your hands and it applies to both men and women.

The Role of Family Life

Most of us spend a significant portion of our lives within the framework of family. Marriage often stems from a desire for security and fulfilling selfish needs. The world operates on two primary drives: hunger for food and hunger for sex. Experiencing family life to its fullest is essential. Only then can one transcend it and pursue a spiritual journey.

Conditional vs. Unconditional Love

Marriages founded on love should be seen as conditional. However, true love transcends conditions. It should extend beyond family members and partners to encompass all living beings. Unconditional love is a higher form of love that we should strive to achieve.

Surrender to the Divine

Ultimately, our journey involves surrendering to the divine. Success in family life is a prerequisite for success in spiritual life. By first succeeding in the familial realm, we can then pursue and achieve great levels in our spiritual journey.


Understanding and harnessing sexual energy is vital. It’s a powerful force that, when directed wisely, can lead to profound wisdom and spiritual growth. By experiencing family life fully, practicing unconditional love, and surrendering to the divine, we can attain a higher level of spiritual success.