Let’s see how to get pure bliss and happiness in the blog. There is nothing impossible in this world for a human being. But none of us understood this fact and quarrel among ourselves over unnecessary things. It is obvious that we dint raise our status even by 0.1%. Although there are few who say that they become God, they are equal to God, and so on. No one will respect those with an over attitude. Thus the saint Vallalar says that everyone should follow Dvaita so that they will get Advaita automatically. He says that by following Dvaita, the Advaita itself will reach you.

Advaita and Dvaita

Advaita propounds that the world is an illusion. Fundamentally, everything on the Earth, water, fire, air, and sky is the same. Thus feeling all human beings, animals, plants, trees everything as the same is Advaita. In order to attain such thought one should start with Dvaita. You should first respect everyone and be self-restraint. One will get God’s blessings and get his characteristics only with continence. God has the characteristics of forgivingness, modesty, and many more. He is also away from badness like kama, krodham, moham, lobham, macharyam, and so on.

God’s glory and being Submissive

God is filled everywhere in this world. You should understand God’s infinite power and should feel that we human beings are nothing before him. When you submissive yourself and start to feel God is great then automatically you can break self-pride. God will make you feel pure bliss by then which is such a beautiful feeling that can’t be put into words. After feeling pure bliss for some time your mind returns back to its normal state. You will try to recall that wonderful feeling you experienced multiple times and feel the happiness. It’s nothing but God starting to work inside your mind and you will get pure bliss.

Short-time pleasure

Every one of us longs for bliss from our partners, friends, children, and everyone we meet in everyday scenarios. Bliss is a mandatory thing for all of us and we may try to get that in many ways. But the reality is you may get it for a short period of time but it doesn’t prolong. Hence it is stated as short-time pleasure. The happiness and pleasure you get when you buy a new house, car, or any things is not a permanent one. But actually, God is testing you whether you are able to differentiate the short-term and long-term happiness.

Addiction to pleasure

There is no mistake in searching for pleasure. But try to search for bliss or pleasure which is pure. For example, some of you drink liquor and use drugs to escape from reality and stop yourself from unnecessary thinking. These you consume stop your mind from thinking and make you unstable. It makes you unconscious and gets you addicted to it. The reality is whatever external things you consume to get pleasure won’t be long-lasting, spoils your health, and give you a lot of trouble. Henceforth you are not addicted to the liquor or drug but you are addicted to the pleasure you get from it.

How to control our minds

Similarly, each and every one of us is addicted to some form of pleasure. Some are addicted to their job, and the work they do. They dissolve themselves in the work they do. Thus pleasure is all about forgetting ourselves in the present state. Therefore the external substances that you consume help you to forget yourself and give you pleasure for a period of time. Once you get back to your normal state from giddiness you will feel the pain inside. So that all of us should know how to switch off and on our minds without any external substances. We should know how to control our minds in order to get pure bliss and happiness.