In the realm of spirituality and mysticism, there exist extraordinary beings known as siddhars. These individuals are self-realized human beings who have transcended the boundaries of ordinary human existence, and possess incredible powers and insights. One of the unique aspects of their journey is the phenomenon of Jeevasamadhi, a profound state where their bodies become vessels of cosmic energy. In this blog, we will explore the mystical world of siddhars, their extraordinary abilities, and the significance of Jeevasamadhi.

Unveiling the Siddhars:

Siddhars are individuals who have risen to a state of enlightenment and acquired exceptional powers through dedicated spiritual practice. They live in isolation, preferring seclusion to cultivate their connection with cosmic energy. Siddhars have developed heightened intuition and possess knowledge of the past, present, and future. By channeling universal energy, they can cure ailments and alleviate karmic burdens with a mere touch.

The Power of Yoga and Meditation:

To embark on the path of becoming a siddhar, one must engage in rigorous practices such as yoga and meditation. Interestingly, these exercises should be performed without any expectation of results. By immersing themselves in these practices, individuals undergo a profound transformation, and their body cells become infused with the energy of the universe. This accumulation of cosmic energy grants siddhars their extraordinary abilities and deepens their connection to the divine.

Ashta Siddhis: Marvels of Siddhars

Siddhars are often associated with the Ashta Siddhis, the eight supernatural powers they possess. These powers allow them to perform extraordinary feats that defy conventional human capabilities. Some of these abilities include reviving the deceased, instantaneously traveling anywhere in the world, and assuming various forms at will. These siddhars transcend the limitations of the physical realm, harnessing the boundless potential of their awakened consciousness.

Jeevasamadhi: The Ultimate Union:

At a certain stage of their spiritual journey, siddhars may choose to undergo Jeevasamadhi. This sacred practice involves the conscious exit of their soul from the physical body to merge with the universe and divine light. During Jeevasamadhi, the pineal gland, often referred to as the wisdom eye, plays a crucial role. It grants the departing siddhar the ability to perceive events and locations across the world even after leaving the body. The energies emitted during Jeevasamadhi, such as powerful gamma brain rays, have the potential to dissolve the karmic imprints of individuals who meditate in these holy spaces.

Preserving the Legacy of Siddhars:

Despite the remarkable powers and contributions of siddhars, many of their Jeevasamadhi sites remain unrecognized and neglected. It is essential for us as humans to recognize and appreciate their immense wisdom and powers. By treating these sacred places with respect and reverence, we can uphold their legacy and harness the blessings they bestow.

Seeking Wisdom and Blessings:

Jeevasamadhi sites serve as sacred spaces where devotees can seek the wisdom and blessings of the departed siddhars. By meditating in these holy places, individuals can connect with the elevated consciousness of these enlightened beings and gain insights and guidance for their spiritual journeys.


The realm of siddhars and Jeevasamadhi is a captivating world filled with extraordinary powers, profound wisdom, and spiritual transcendence. Through their unwavering dedication to spiritual practices, siddhars unlock the hidden potentials within themselves, becoming conduits of cosmic energy. Their Jeevasamadhi sites hold the promise of divine blessings and serve as portals to higher realms. Let us embrace the teachings of these mystics, honor their legacies, and embark on our own spiritual journeys with reverence and humility.