Let’s see about wisdom herbs and its benefits in this blog. You can gain wisdom not only through practice but also through understanding and consuming herbs. These herbs are those that are suggested by the Saints. In order to attain wisdom, the great Saint Vallalar suggested a set of herbs which is termed Wisdom herbs.

What is the Wisdom herb mix?

These wisdom herbs are a combination of the false daisy (Karisalai), Indian Pennywort (Vallarai), Madras Pea pumpkin (Musumusukai), and Sorrel leaves(Puliyarai). If you don’t get sorrel leaves you can use Dwarf copperleaf spinach( Ponnanganni) instead. These are not only spinaches but are also considered wisdom herbs that are loaded with a lot of nutrients. If you consume these herbs for 10 to 12 years you will attain the highest wisdom stage in your life. Saint Vallalar said that the body mechanism itself will be changed and becomes alchemical. He also said that our bodies will become undestroyable.

How to consume the mix?

You can powder these five herbs listed above and mix them together. We were supplying this powder mix before, but unfortunately, we run out of stock now. However, you can contact the foundation and check the stock later. You can also get these powders from herbal shops nearby. After buying these powders, mix them well and store them in an air-tight container. You can eat one spoonful of this mix every morning before food as soon as you wake up. You can put this mix on your palm or bowl, mix it well with pure ghee and should lick and eat it. While licking and eating, your mouth secretes saliva which contains tissue factors that facilitates mastication. In the initial stages, some may feel nauseous, some may get fever and chills. But you should not worry about it as it won’t provide any serious illness.

Benefits of Wisdom herbs mix

While taking this mix regularly for 12 years, your body will become magical. Though you couldn’t eat them for 12 years, you can consume them as long as possible. The Indian Pennywort (Vallarai) activates your brain cells and makes you think actively. Along with this, the False dairy (Karisalai) excretes all the wastes from your body and promotes healthy life. The Madras Pea pumpkin (Musumusukai) heels joint disorders. Therefore this wisdom herbs mix has lot of benefits. Vallalar said that one can just buy Karisalai ghee and keep it under the tongue and rotate it for sometime. By doing it the poison in our body will come down and then you can spit it out. The death happens only through the poisonous mucus inside our head. You can practice this and it will clean your body. Try to consume this mix regularly, so that your cells will be healthy and you can lead a healthy lifestyle.