In the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom, many ancient traditions and practices have been formulated. One such practice is Vilakku Meditation, a powerful technique that aims to open the third eye and connect practitioners with higher spirits or spirit guides. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of Vilakku Meditation, its potential benefits, and how to incorporate it into your spiritual journey.

Understanding Vilakku Meditation:

Vilakku Meditation is a profound exercise that allows individuals to tap into the mysteries of the universe and gain higher wisdom. It involves focusing on a flame, symbolizing divine light, which serves as a guide during the meditation. By honing your concentration on this flame, you begin to activate the dormant energy within you, gradually opening the third eye or the wisdom eye. But while doing this meditation, heat will be produced in your body. Make sure to neutralize the body when heat is produced by doing required exercises.

Preparation for Vilakku Meditation:

Before commencing Vilakku Meditation, it is essential to create a suitable environment. Find a serene and quiet space where you can sit comfortably in the Lotus position or Padmasana. The backbone should remain straight, and your hands can either be held together or in the Chin Mudra. Lighting a large lamp in front of you, preferably with pure ghee or mahua oil, or virgin Sesame oil, serves as a focal point for the meditation. The lamp’s light should align with the center of your forehead, between the eyebrows. If you don’t have a big lamp, you can also keep the Agal lamp on a small shelf or stand so that the flame is aligned to our eye level. In addition, you can also keep the lamp in one hand such that it is in-line with the center of the eyebrows.

The Meditative Journey:

To initiate the meditation, offer a prayer to the divine light on the lamp. Visualize the flame as your spiritual guide or guru and pray to it by chanting the guru mantra to establish a connection. Then, gently open your eyes and fix your gaze on the flame, directing your focus from the center of your forehead. Over time, you may experience a shift in consciousness, perceiving a radiant light and entering a heightened state of awareness.

Cultivating Consistency:

Consistency is key in Vilakku Meditation. Start with 10-15 minutes of practice per day and gradually increase the duration as you progress. Regular sessions allow the flame’s light to activate the inner light within you, purifying your karma and leading you toward a more profound spiritual journey. It’s crucial to be patient and persistent, even if you don’t witness immediate results.

The Transformative Power of Vilakku Meditation:

As you continue Vilakku Meditation, you may notice various transformations occurring within and around you. The light from the flame intensifies, erasing the imprints of past actions and guiding you toward a more enlightened existence. Miracles may manifest in your life, and you may find yourself naturally assuming the role of a guide or guru, helping others along their paths.

Embracing Spiritual Awakening:

Vilakku Meditation bridges the gap between the individual and the universe, facilitating a profound connection with higher wisdom and spiritual realms. Through consistent practice, you can unlock your inner potential and experience a spiritual awakening that transcends the boundaries of ordinary perception.


Vilakku Meditation is a potent tool for spiritual seekers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with higher spirits. By focusing on the divine flame, practitioners open their third eye, gain wisdom, and align themselves with the universal energies. The path may not always be easy, but with dedication, patience, and an open heart, this practice can lead to a greater understanding of oneself and the mysteries of the universe. So, light the lamp, embark on this sacred meditation, and let the brilliance of the flame guide you toward a more profound and enlightened existence.