Human existence is a profound journey encompassing the exploration of five Koshas. These layers—Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya, and Anandamaya Koshas—shape our experiences and guide our quest for spiritual fulfillment. This exploration is the essence of our purpose, a path illuminated by meditation and a practice known as ‘jeevakarunyaolukkam.’

Annamaya Kosha: The Foundation of Physicality

At the core lies the Annamaya Kosha, where our relationship with food defines more than mere sustenance. The impact of our dietary choices is profound—it not only shapes our physical form but also influences the spiritual and soulful aspects of our being. The quest for strength should transcend the physical realm to nourish the soul.

The Enigmatic Ten Holes:

Intriguingly, the human body is described as having nine visible holes, but the tenth remains veiled behind delicate tissue. This enigmatic tenth gate, shrouded in mystery and spiritual significance, stands as the focal point of our journey toward enlightenment.

Meditation and the Circulation of Mind:

Meditation becomes the vessel through which the mind’s wandering tendencies are harnessed. Concentration, particularly at the point between the eyebrows where the divine rests, enables the convergence of thoughts and atoms. Spiritual mentors provide Deeksha, triggering this pivotal point, and leading to profound experiences that necessitate unwavering dedication and concentration.

The Emergence of Jyoti:

Within this focused meditation, a convergence occurs—protons, electrons, and neutrons merge, igniting a fire or light, termed Jyoti. This phenomenon signifies the awakening and transformation within, a process propelled by disciplined practice and concentration.

Unlocking the Tenth Gate:

The tenth gate, a gateway to enlightenment, remains closed by muscular tissue. With dedicated practice and the generation of pure heat through meditation, this barrier dissolves, allowing the soul to aspire towards Moksha—an escape from the cycle of birth and death.

The Illusion of Existence:

Amidst our daily lives, a realization dawns—the world is but an illusion, a transient reality. Breaking free from the cycle of birth and death becomes the ultimate pursuit, achievable by unlocking the tenth gate and attaining Moksha.


The journey through the five Koshas unveils a profound spiritual odyssey. It beckons us to transcend the physical realm, focusing on the nourishment of the soul. Unlocking the tenth gate is the key to liberating the soul from the illusions of existence, paving the path toward eternal enlightenment.