Let us first know why we visit temples. The main reason why we visit temples is to find peace of
mind. The temple atmosphere, surroundings, and mantras chanted inside the sanctum eases stress and
gives satisfaction to our soul. People say that, if we know about our inner self then we will not get
any harm and if we are not self-aware then we might harm ourselves.

Today, we are going to see how to worship God whenever we visit the temple. There is no constraint that
we should worship God only by visiting temples, mosques, or churches. It is proven that if we are self-
aware about ourselves then we shall get immense peace of mind. One does not have to go to
the temple, one must go to his own self to amplify the positivism in their brain and to clean the negative
energies. Henceforth it is not required every time to visit the temple to get peace of mind because we
can get them on our own self. Although some people do not have the patience to feel and see the
God in their own self. They visit different places where those alluring temples help them to seek
inner peace and soothe their souls. Thus, it is not an obstacle to visit temples, mosques, or churches. You can
go anywhere you wish to worship God. But always remember that God is within you and act
accordingly. Nyaya, Yoga, Karma, Mimamsa, and Vedanta denote that one’s internal feeling is significant
to acquire peace and joy. So, start believing your home as a temple and your body as God to get
divinely charged with positive vigor.

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