First, you should know about your emotions, mind, and thoughts. If you dint know about this then you can’t lead a happy and peaceful life. When you know about your mind and soul then you can understand that your life is destined.

What are the mind and emotions?

Our mind will be consistently in a neutral state and doesn’t know what is right or wrong. It retrieves information around you through your five senses and keeps you alert anytime. The thoughts are nothing but the information provided by the mind. These thoughts will be either positive or negative. You will get more negative thoughts when you start living life with fear.

Positive and Negative thinking

When you see something, that respective scene will be recorded in your mind. Similarly, when you smell something or touch it will be recorded in your mind. All the actions you perform through your five senses will be recorded in your mind. With these feelings, your mind will suggest you act accordingly. Suddenly, your mind will praise God and will make you think that God is great. The next moment you will think vice versa. Thus your mind will think both positively and negatively. It keeps on wandering here and there.

How do you get thoughts?

Scientists proved scientifically that our mind receives 60,000 to 72,000 thoughts per day. This is a massive number. Although, we can’t plan to enable our minds to receive specific thoughts. However, there is a difference between thoughts and thinking. You will get thoughts, and these thoughts come naturally. It comes naturally due to your fate according to your blessings and sins.

Fate and destined life

I was born in Madurai. My Father is a Tailor, and my mother is a homemaker. God is the one who decides everything, and it’s my fate to be born in my family. So my thoughts depend on the atmosphere where I live in. Thus we get thoughts depending on the environment we live in, and we materialize those into actions. Your life is leading through predestined destiny. We are just leading our life as per our fate. You must take it in your mind to know that you are leading destined life. Most of you would have felt dreams truly and later realize after waking up. Likewise, the actions that you do are fake, you perform them as per your destiny. Everyone’s life is already destined by God.