Let’s see about how to make others to respect you and how to tackle if anyone disrespects you. We should not let ourselves down and get disappointed if someone disrespects us. God is the one who evaluates you, provides wealth, and makes you lead a happy life. Sometimes God appears in a physical form and helps you when you are in need.

What is divine power?

The divine power supports you when you get a thought to help someone. As well as the divine power stimulates one person to commit a mistake. You should respect others and live your life. Some people will see you as an immoral person in the initial days. But gradually they will understand your kind nature and respects you back.

The value of Time

Everything in the spiritual world takes time to happen. If a person committed a lot of mistakes in their life and tries to help others after realizing they won’t immediately receive blessings from God. God will forgive them but will face consequences for the mistakes they committed. You can never make anything happen in a short period of time. Things take time to change and settle. You must have the patience to witness the good changes in your life. The Saints cant carry your burden. They just guide you the right path and help you to choose right path.

Respect and Disrespect

If someone disrepects you, ignore them. However if they hurt your feelings more and you feel down stop all the contacts with them and don’t talk to them for a while. If the person dint realise his mistake and hurts you more, teach them the right lesson in their way. There are few people who don’t know the value of respect others give them. You try to ignore those people. Henceforth the main concern is there are people who harm others, but you should not change your identity for them. Though harmful people talk ill about you, you should only do what is right then only you can reach greater heights.