Human desires are intrinsic to our existence, not inherently wrong, but often leading to a perpetual cycle. The pursuit of desires propels our mind and body, triggering a relentless quest. However, failing to fulfill desires before death perpetuates a cycle of rebirth, supported by the universe’s design. This concept, rooted in the idea of an imaginary worldly existence created by a divine force, prompts a deeper examination of our existence.

The Illusion of Desires:

Desire itself isn’t condemned; our attachment and pursuit of immense desires fuel the perpetual cycle of birth and rebirth. The mind and body become consumed by the quest to achieve, driven by the belief that satisfaction of desire equates to fulfillment. Yet, this pursuit is a mirage, leading to a continuous cycle rather than true contentment.

The Design of the Universe:

There’s a prevailing belief that the universe supports the pursuit of unfulfilled desires even beyond death. It’s perceived as a design by a higher force, enabling the continuation of the quest across lifetimes. This cosmic design seems to perpetuate the illusion, compelling individuals to persist in their pursuit, believing that fulfillment lies in satisfying desires.

The Quest for Peace:

Despite fulfilling desires, genuine peace remains elusive. The achieved desires fail to provide lasting contentment, propelling individuals into seeking newer desires, and perpetuating the cycle of birth and death. Recognizing this pattern prompts the search for an alternative path to true tranquility.

Realizing the Illusion:

To break free from this cycle, there’s a necessity to perceive the illusory nature of the world. Understanding that pursuing desires is a continuous cycle, devoid of lasting contentment, is the first step toward transcendence. This realization opens doors to a deeper understanding of existence beyond mere desires.

Seeking Liberation:

The pursuit shifts from fulfilling desires to seeking liberation from this perpetual cycle. Realizing and acknowledging the presence of a higher power or divine force becomes essential. This awareness provides the means to transcend the illusion, breaking free from the cycle of birth and death.


The human experience is intertwined with desires, yet the unending pursuit of these desires perpetuates a cycle of birth and rebirth. Recognizing the illusory nature of this pursuit and the world itself is crucial. Finding solace in understanding and transcending desires leads to liberation from this cyclical existence. It’s through this realization and seeking of higher truths that one may attain genuine peace, breaking free from the endless cycle of birth and death.