Guru Pooja is a revered celebration dedicated to honoring a guru on the anniversary of their Jeeva Samadhi, the moment they attained union with the divine source. This auspicious day is marked by worship and reverence, bringing the complete blessings of the Siddhar or guru to their devotees.

The Significance of Jeeva Samadhi

Jeeva Samadhi is a profound event in the spiritual journey of a guru, where they transcend their physical form and merge with the divine. For devotees, the day of Jeeva Samadhi is a powerful opportunity to connect with the guru’s spiritual energy and receive their blessings.

Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal: A Powerful Siddhar

Among the revered siddhars, Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal holds a prominent place. His Jeeva Samadhi is a significant site of spiritual pilgrimage. Devotees believe that worshipping Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal on Guru Pooja brings immense blessings and spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Journey of Mahavishnu

The spiritual journey of Mahavishnu is deeply intertwined with the blessings of Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal. It was at this sacred place that Mahavishnu received Nyana Deekshai, a form of spiritual initiation, from the disciple of Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal, C. Selvamani Guru.

The Birth of a Noble Idea: Food Donation

Inspired by the blessings of Srimath Chithambara Periya Swamigal, Mahavishnu began the noble practice of food donation. This act of service, rooted in the spiritual teachings received from the guru, embodies the principles of compassion and charity that are central to the guru’s teachings.


Guru Pooja is more than a ritual; it is a celebration of the guru’s eternal presence and a recognition of their spiritual legacy. By participating in this sacred observance, devotees connect with the divine, receive the guru’s blessings, and are inspired to follow the path of righteousness and service.