One may wonder what could be the relation between a Solar Eclipse and a Human Body. Yet, there is and here in this article, we will hear it from our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation on the connection between the Human Body, and the Solar Eclipse. One thing is for sure, unlike the usual definitions of Solar Eclipse that can be found in various books, this is going to be a whole lot of a different perception that is highly spiritual.

Key points about this Article:

  1. There is an intense connection among our body, Universe, Sun, and the Moon.
  2. The best way to do yoga and other spiritual exercises is by doing Padmasana.
  3. Our Body has Chandra Naadi, Surya Naadi and it goes through each other every 45 minutes alternatively.
  4. The left side of our body is called as ChandraKalai, the right side of our body is called as PinKalai, and the centerline is called as SuluMunai.
  5. To attain Spirituality & get the blessings of Paramporul, we should keep ourselves in Chandra Naadi.
  6. The Rays of light somewhere in the universe far distant from us can be found nowhere but within our body itself.

What is the Strong Connection between the Human Body & the Solar Eclipse:

The article is transcripted from the YouTube video of Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation, and the following is the YouTube Link.

The title can be wondering. What could be the reason for the connection between a Human Body, and Solar Eclipse? Well, it is noted that most of the spiritual things are done either from the New Moon to the Full Moon and vice versa. A solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Moon comes in between our Earth and the Sun. We can see that the moon is playing such a vital role in Solar Eclipse. Likewise, our body also has such diversions that are closely related to Moon, Sun, and the Universe which is called “Surakalai“.

The left side of our body is called “ChandraKalai“, the right side of our body is called “PinKalai“(SuryaKalai), and the centerline of our body is called “SuluMunai“. Also, our body will go through ChandraNaadi and SuryaNaadi every 45 minutes ones which will influence the breathing through the different Nostrils. To attain the state of Spirituality, one should keep himself in the ChandraNaadi as being in SuryaNaadi, the thoughts in our mind will be vigorous and may not help to attain the state of Spirituality.

Paramahamsa while doing Mudra position, he keep his left leg over his right leg so that his focus will be on ChandraNaadi

Control your Mind & keep yourself in the state of ChandraNaadi:

To control and conquer your mind, we should keep ourselves in the state of ChandraNaadi. Yogis and Siddhas do Yoga, and other Spiritual exercises keeping their left leg over the right leg so that they can keep themselves in the state of ChandraNaadi which will eventually help us attain the state of spirituality, and get the blessings of Paramporul.

Hence, whatever is there in the universe, it can be found within your body itself and that is how our Human Body is closely related to Solar Eclipse, Sun, Moon, and the Universe.

The rays somewhere in the Universe can be found nowhere but within our body itself.

Kuthambi siddhar

Conclusion of the Article:

There is a keen connection between us, the sun, the moon, and our Universe. Keep yourselves at the State of ChandraNaadi, and practice your exercises, you will attain the state of Spirituality and get the blessings of God. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience!