Understanding that men and women are fundamentally the same is a profound realization that leads to a deeper comprehension of oneness and the divine nature of the universe. Although the bodies of males and females differ, they are driven by the same mind. This blog explores this concept and its implications for understanding the universe and the divine.

The Mind-Body Connection

The primary difference between men and women lies in their physical bodies, but their minds operate similarly. The mind, regardless of the body it inhabits, adapts and functions according to the physical form it occupies. For instance, if we were to interchange the minds of a man and a woman, the mind in the male body would believe itself to be male and behave accordingly, and vice versa. This demonstrates that the mind’s perception and function are heavily influenced by the body it resides in.

The Registration of the Mind

The way the mind registers and processes experiences is crucial to understanding human behavior. The mind’s registration of being in a male or female body dictates how it interacts with the world. This concept can be further explored by considering what happens when the mind enters a state of non-functioning or stillness, a state often referred to as the “oneness state.”

The Oneness State

In the oneness state, the mind transcends the physical distinctions between male and female bodies. This state is characterized by a gap between the mind and the body, allowing an individual to perceive the universe without the filters of gender and individuality. In this state, one experiences a profound sense of unity with the universe and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

Understanding the Universe through Oneness

Achieving the oneness state enables individuals to see beyond the physical differences and recognize the fundamental sameness of all beings. This realization leads to a deeper understanding of the universe and the divine. When the body’s limitations do not confine the mind, it can grasp the true nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all life.


The mind of males and females functions similarly, adapting to the body it inhabit. By understanding this, we can transcend physical distinctions and experience the oneness state, leading to a greater comprehension of the universe and the divine. Embracing this unity allows us to see all beings as fundamentally the same, fostering a deeper sense of connection and understanding in our lives.​⬤