Let’s see about some of the best Tamil books to read and learn about spirituality. Most of you asked me to suggest books to know and learn about Spirituality. According to me, one should first know about himself before learning something from the book. Although the term Vedanta means learning from books as well as Siddhanta means learning through clarification. Some people like to read books whereas few like to listen to speeches and take down points from them. Henceforth reading books isn’t wrong. But by reading books you can only gain knowledge and can’t feel it.

Thiruarutpa and Tirumanthiram

Although I suggest two books to everyone. The very first book is Thiruarutpa written by Vallalar and the second one is Tirumanthiram written by the poet Tirumular. These two books are one of the best books I would suggest. The meaning of Thiruarutpa has been explained by many writers. Amongst the writer from Salem named Kuppusamy Vallalar Ayya beautifully explained the meaning of Thiruarutpa.

Why should you read Thiruarutpa?

Thiruarutpa is one of the most amazing books which contains all the information about how to tackle difficult situations without losing hope. One day a devotee filed a case against Vallalar claiming that Thiruarutpa is incorrect. Later the case has been withdrawn by the person himself realizing the knowledge of Vallalar. Ramalingam Vallalar sang this with God’s grace and composed many poems teaching about Universal love and peace. When you read this book and understand the meaning you can explain it to your children. You will understand the universal path and it enables you to experience and live eternally under the Grace light. It makes you absorbed in ecstasy.

Other books to read

Despite reading a book, practice Yoga and meditate to attain into the spiritual world. The book called Karukidai Vaithiyam by Thirumular is a specific book that describes Siddha medicine. This book explains various techniques of Siddha treatments and God’s grace. You can read these three best Tamil books which will give you immense knowledge about the Universal path. Also, read the Book of Mirdad if you find the time. This book gives you knowledge about love, obedience, borrowing, lending, and repentance.