Joining a spiritual foundation and receiving Deeksha can be a transformative experience. Deeksha, a sacred practice, allows you to understand its profound value. It is an essential step for anyone on a spiritual journey, as it paves the way for deeper insights and spiritual growth.

The Cycle of Birth and Mukthi

Life is a cycle of birth and rebirth until we attain Mukthi or liberation. Shifting your focus towards attaining Moksha and developing a deep craving for divine connection can change your life fundamentally. The pursuit of joy often drives our actions, but true fulfillment comes from understanding and connecting with the divine.

The Role of Maturity and Courage

God imparts wisdom and insights when He deems us mature enough to handle them. If we lack the necessary maturity and courage, the universe and God will withhold this knowledge, as the truth can be overwhelming. Attaining wisdom reveals that much of what we perceive as reality is an illusion.

The Illusion of Worldly Desires

With wisdom comes the realization that worldly desires are fleeting and illusory. Understanding this helps us let go of our attachments and desires. Our constantly running minds create a sense of movement and activity, but with spiritual practices like Jeevakarunya Olukkam, we can perceive life more clearly and recognize its transient nature.

Living with Wisdom

Even after gaining profound wisdom, it is essential to continue living like a normal being. Blend with the world while subsuming the truth within. This balance allows you to navigate life with a deeper understanding while engaging in everyday activities.


Embarking on a spiritual journey, receiving Deeksha, and striving for Moksha can profoundly change your life. As you gain wisdom and recognize the illusions of the world, you can live with a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, all while blending seamlessly with the world around you.