Let’s see how to balance both spiritual and materialistic life. If you choose the wrong path, initially you may find happiness in that but gradually it will you make suffer. But wherein if you choose the right path, first you may find obstacles but eventually, it gives you immense happiness. To get immense happiness in your life you should need generosity, surrendering to God, and Meditation. Follow these three things in your life to lead a happy life.

Feelings and the ways of expressing it

Only God can teach us the lesson forever in our life till our last breathe. We cannot make one understand the feelings and emotions unless and until that person feel by himself. For example, we can say that the temperature of the air conditioner is too cool but we cant exactly explains how it reacts on our body. Likewise, we can feel the taste and say its good or bad but we cant define it exactly how it feels.

What is Brahma Muhurta?

You can meditate at any time you wish. There are no limitations that it’s mandatory to meditate only during the Brahma Muhurta. In general, the Brahma Muhurta is referred to as the time from 3.20 am to 4.20 am. While meditating during Brahma Muhurta you can achieve your results easier comparatively. But there is no compulsion to meditate only during that time. You can meditate for one hour every day and can the timing increase gradually.

Acceptance of problems

The first step of meditation is surrendering yourself to understand things happening around you. When you start understanding and accepting things most of the problems will be solved. However if a problem occurs even though you put in a lot of effort, then you need to accept the problem and should think about solving it. If something is meant to happen, it will happen no matter what we do. So start accepting what happens around you. You can get spiritual liberation if you start accepting and can enjoy eternal bliss.

How to master your thoughts?

Our minds will think about a lot of things. But you need to only take the one which you need. The mind will make you think both positively and negatively. Even though you think positively you need to only convert the needed thoughts into action. Mastering your own emotions and thoughts helps you to influence your future actions. For example, if you think about a hurt that happened to you by someone long back, it gives you an ache and will get tensed. But wherein if you don’t think about that you will be happy. Your thoughts make you worry. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to drain your energy. If you accept anything without conflicts you can find peace. This is the miracle of surrender and in this way you can balance both spiritual and materialistic life.