Let’s see what are the reasons for the delay in getting success in life. Nowadays, people worry more about material pleasures. But you must understand that “everything happens in its own time.” For example, at this moment if I think to talk to you only I can talk. Whereas I should not think about tomorrow. We should not think like that.

What is true pleasure?

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasure and even longing for it, but you should not let yourself stagnate in pleasure. True pleasure lies in divinity, it is not the one you get from the outside world. Worldly pleasures seem to be more pleasurable but they are just illusions. Moreover, it won’t last forever and lasts only for some time. Nothing in this world has got the ability to give pleasure to us without affecting the soul, body, and life other than the one you attain through divinity. The materialistic objects may feel like giving you pleasure but it is just an illusion.

Pleasure vs. peace

There is nothing wrong with having all the comforts of home, but it is not the only purpose of life. We need to start our journey toward peace and relief even though we have all the comforts of life. If you start searching for peace right now, you will find out its void after realizing divine power. This journey will let us know that nothing is permanent and make our souls more peaceful.

What are worldly pleasures?

When we understand this, we can experience wisdom in life. In this world, we can only enjoy worldly pleasures to some extent. You can feel all the materialistic pleasures but you need to realize them as temporary and should come out of it. For example, if you climb up a tree and sit there then you can’t come down. Subsequently, we need to come out of all worldly pleasures to experience peace. Therefore, we should not get stuck there. Thus everyone should realize the difference between pleasure and peace to reduce the delay in getting success in life.