Let us first know how to control our minds. Similarly, we shall also see what happiness is. Happiness is nothing but controlling our wandering minds. This is the secret of happiness. For example, when the mind is searching for 1 crore rupees, you will never find peace unless you get it. At once someone gives you the money that you seek, you will find immense happiness. After spending all the money, the mind will again lose peace and search for money. Similarly, the mind will lose peace when it wanders and searches for something. If the wandering and searching stop, then the mind will find happiness itself. It is proven scientifically that dopamine, the neurotransmitter secretes when the minds are happy.

How to attain satisfaction?

The dopamine secretes in the mind when the mind feels satisfied. The main problem with all human beings is we set our mind ignorantly that we attain satisfaction only when something happens. Also, we set farther goals so that it becomes difficult to get satisfied. Saint Ramana Maharshi says that all the living things in this world are triggered by God’s grace and the moment a person realizes these things will attain wisdom. Likewise, Saint Yoganandha Paramahamsa says that one should not worry about the past and future and should lead the present life happily. So that the way you lead your present life itself will take care of your future.

Live in the present moment

A person should live in the present moment. It means you should concentrate on the work that you do attentively. For example, you need to focus only on your food while eating. Likewise, when someone comes to meet you, you should only focus on them rather than thinking about the next day’s events. It is advised to live in the present because you are spoiling your future due to their unnecessary overthinking. Thus we should only focus on the work that we do.

The roles and responsibilities

God allocates roles to each one of us as Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother. If we go to school, we are allocated roles like either student or teacher. Similarly, while traveling in flight we are given roles like passenger or pilot, or air hostess. Thus we are allocated to certain roles and we need to act in that brilliantly. We are born in the world to act in our allocated roles. Our future will change only when we smartly act in the present. Nobody will attain Moksha whenever they think. We should not think about unnecessary things and should only mind our own business. When you live your life in this way, you will definitely feel happier.

The secret of happiness

When someone genuinely likes to cook, they will feel more happier if they cook more dishes. Likewise, when you do your work passionately, you will never find that work difficult and will love and do your job. While loving your job and doing it happily, your mind will find peace. So everyone should set a goal and should lead life accordingly to achieve it. When you love and work to achieve your goal, your mind will find happiness. This is the secret of happiness.