This is going to be a hot topic. Every one of us has families and we are all living a happy and beautiful life with some ups and downs. However, it is very important for a husband and wife to be in harmony with each other. Here in this article, our Brother, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu shares his wonderful thoughts on “How to maintain Harmony between a Husband and Wife in a relationship”. Let us get into the article.

Key Points:

  1. Guruve Sharanam.
  2. Everything is our mind. Mind is the most powerful tool. It decides who we are and what we are.
  3. We need to learn to slow down the thoughts running through our mind and thereby calming our mind. Only then we can start being conscious to things.
  4. Behind every fights between a husband and wife, there will be a difference of opinion that would have eventually led to a quarrel. That is where we have to work it out.
  5. Instead of fighting over who is right and who is wrong, a person should be able to be conscious and focus on what is happening and instead of fighting over unnecessary things, he can calm down the entire situation. That is how a husband and wife can be in Harmony so that their family will he healthy.
  6. To do so, the mind needs to be conscious. To keep the mind conscious, one has to slow down the thougths running in his mind and learn to handle his mind. Only then his mind will be able to be aware or conscious.

How to maintain Harmony between Husband and Wife in a Family:

This article has been transcribed from the YouTube video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation, and the following is the YouTube link.

The Mind is a very powerful tool. Everything lies in our minds only. This is the mind that achieves greater heights in this world and this is also the mind that helps us reach Paramporul through Spirituality. Hence, to control and handle this mind, one needs to keep it calm. Normally, there will be thousands of thoughts running through our minds. We can able to keep our mind in a conscious or Awareness state only by slowing down these thoughts. Only then, we will be able to make correct decisions.

The same is applicable to marriage life too. Every now and then, when a quarrel happens between a husband and mother, it will be mostly because of differences of opinion. It will be mostly about who is right and who is wrong. Hence, at that point of time, instead of reacting without thinking and fighting over unnecessary things, if we have a conscious mind, then it will let us know that this is not the time for a fight rather find peace or solution to the situation going on. That is how a husband and wife can be able to live in Harmony which is essential for their family life.


So, the mind is everything. Keep your mind in a conscious state by slowing down the thoughts crossing your mind. There are meditations, Penance, Yoga, and all. You can take help from them if you want. YOur mind is the key to your healthy family life.