If Yogis have superpowers, then why don’t they ask for crores of money, properties, or anything? Here in this article, let us see our brother, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu’s insights on “Life of a Yogi or a Spiritual Person”.

Key Points:

  1. Guruve Sharanam.
  2. Yogis’ or Spiritual Person focus is something that is beyond this materialistic world.
  3. A spiritual Person’s eating habit, breathing, the basic characteristics will all be different from the normal people.
  4. They have the power, they can have anything they want in life, but they won’t ask for that because first of all, they are not into materialistic world, and secondly, for everything we do, for everything we get, there will be karma and we have to face it and dissolve it. For that, if a rebirth is required, then he will again come into this world and suffer.
  5. They have the clarity and the vast knowledge about this world and spirituality attained through Meditation, Penance, and Yoga. Hence, all their focus will be to dissolve their Karma, and become endless and reach Paramporul.

Life of a Yogi or a Spiritual Person:

This article has been transcribed from the YouTube video of Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation, and the following is the YouTube link.

A spiritual person will be totally different from a normal person. His breathing, Eating habits, and everything will be very different from the normal person’s. You may think that with their superpowers, they can get crores of money, home, car, etc. What we have to understand is they are not into these materialistic worldly things. Their focus is different. All their focus is to dissolve all the karma, and reach the stage of Samadhi through deep meditation, penance, and yoga, and become a divine Jyothi, and reach Paramporul. They know that if they get anything with their powers, then there will be Karma for that and they have to dissolve it. A normal person’s perception and a Spiritual Person’s perception are totally different.

That is the reason why they are not into the materialistic things of this world, unlike normal people. Hope this answered your Doubts about them. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience