In the grand theater of life, we are all actors with unique roles assigned to us by a higher power. Some call it destiny, others call it God’s plan. Regardless of the terminology, the message remains the same: We are here to perform our roles to the best of our abilities. In this blog, we’ll explore the profound concept of living a life free from the burdens of desire and ego, ultimately reaching a state of enlightenment and inner peace.

The Role We Play

Each of us is given a specific role in this intricate play of existence. Just like actors on a stage, we are destined to perform our parts. This could be as parents, friends, teachers, or countless other roles. It’s essential to understand that no one can replace us in our unique roles. We are here for a purpose, and that purpose is part of a greater design.

The Game of Life

Life, in its essence, is like a game. It’s designed by a higher power, and we must navigate through various challenges and experiences. While we cannot easily exit this game, we can work towards transcending it by gradually escaping our worldly problems.

The Path to Wisdom

To escape the game and reach a state of wisdom, we must first change our perspective. Seeking guidance and practicing selflessness through acts of donation and dharma (righteousness) can help us shed our desires and attachments. When we no longer crave worldly possessions, we become free to explore the deeper aspects of existence.

Embracing Detachment

The enlightened individual views the world as a reflection of themselves, seeing every soul as a part of the same divine essence. They exist beyond their ego and no longer live solely for themselves. This selflessness allows them to exist in a state of “bhramam,” where they dissolve into the universe itself.

Dissolution and Divine Care

In this state of dissolution, the individual is taken care of by the universe and the divine. They lack arrogance and embody a humility that allows others to see them as god-like figures. They become living embodiments of love, compassion, and wisdom.


Life is a profound journey, and we are all assigned unique roles in this grand play. By seeking wisdom, practicing selflessness, and detaching ourselves from worldly desires, we can gradually escape the game and reach a state of enlightenment and inner peace. In this state, we dissolve into the universe, become a source of inspiration for others, and experience the divine care that surrounds us. Remember, you are here for a purpose, and your role is irreplaceable in the grand scheme of things. Embrace it with love, humility, and selflessness, and you will be seen as a beacon of light in a world seeking meaning and purpose.