In our daily lives, it is challenging to detach from worldly concerns and focus solely on the divine. This world, filled with distractions and material desires, often traps us in an illusion. Despite the teachings of many philosophers about the ultimate divine destination, humans find themselves ensnared in this worldly illusion. To illustrate this profound truth, let me share a story involving the sage Narada and Lord Mahavishnu.

The Query of Narada

Narada, the celestial sage, approached Lord Mahavishnu with a poignant question. He asked, “Why are human beings trapped in this worldly illusion, even though many philosophers teach about the ultimate destination being the divine?Lord Vishnu, in his infinite wisdom, decided to answer Narada with an experiential lesson.

The Task and the Distraction

Lord Vishnu instructed Narada to fetch water from a river on Earth. Dutifully, Narada descended to Earth and began fetching water from the river. As he was about to return, he saw a beautiful woman and instantly fell in love with her. Captivated by her beauty, Narada proposed, and soon they were married. Over time, they had three children—two boys and a girl, who was even more beautiful than her mother.

The Illusion Unravels

Years passed in this domestic bliss until one day, a devastating tsunami struck. The natural disaster claimed the lives of Narada’s beloved wife and three children. Overcome with grief, Narada cried out in anguish. At this moment of profound sorrow, Lord Vishnu appeared and gently woke him from his illusion.

The Divine Revelation

Lord Vishnu asked Narada, “I asked you to fetch water. Where is it?” Narada, now realizing the illusory nature of his experiences, understood the lesson. The entire episode of falling in love, getting married, and having children was an illusion created to demonstrate how the world traps even the wisest in its snares.

The Lesson

This story teaches a crucial spiritual lesson: the world is an illusion, and understanding this truth can free us from pain and suffering. By seeking divine understanding and guidance, especially in times of trouble, we can transcend the illusions of the material world. This realization helps us focus on the ultimate divine goal, leading to true peace and enlightenment.


The story of Narada and Lord Vishnu is a reminder that the material world is transient and illusory. To avoid the pain and suffering that come with worldly attachments, we must seek the divine and strive for spiritual understanding. By doing so, we align ourselves with the eternal truth and find lasting peace.