The ancient scriptures reveal the significance of Chitra Pournami, a day dedicated to worshipping Chitragupta, the deity who serves as the registrar of the dead, and Lord Chandra, the ruler of the moon. This auspicious day holds great importance as it is believed to enhance mental strength and willpower. The proper alignment and functioning of both Chandran and Sooriyan (sun) in one’s horoscope are said to be essential for a healthy body and freedom from ailments and negative karma. Moreover, Pournami, the full moon, amplifies the moon’s power. On this day, devotees engage in rituals, including visiting the Jeeva Samadhi, the resting place of attained masters and performing exercises and meditation. Let us delve deeper into the significance of Chitra Pournami and how it can guide us on the path to wisdom and moksha.

Connecting with the Spiritual Energies of Jeeva Samadhi:

Chitra Pournami is an exceptionally powerful day for seeking spiritual blessings and guidance. Devotees visit the Jeeva Samadhi, which are the spiritual energy-generating tombs of attained masters. These sacred places hold immense spiritual energy, and on this day, sages are believed to visit these sites. By visiting a Jeeva Samadhi during Chitra Pournami and engaging in meditation or exercises, one can establish a connection between themselves and the sage. The sage, in turn, blesses and guides individuals on the path of moksha, helping to balance their good and bad deeds.

The Power of Good Deeds:

To truly appreciate the importance of good deeds, it is essential to first visit the Jeeva Samadhi during Chitra Pournami. By doing so, the sage can provide profound insights and guidance toward wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Chitra Pournami holds a unique potency that facilitates a deeper connection between the devotee and the sage, leading to a profound transformation of the individual’s spiritual journey.

The Moon’s Influence:

After visiting the Jeeva Samadhi, the devotees are advised to return home and wait until nightfall. Find a quiet space and sit comfortably. Direct your gaze towards the moon, focusing on the center of your eyebrows on the forehead, and meditate for 3-5 minutes. Through this practice of meditating, one can invoke the blessings of the lord Chandra. This divine connection serves as a guide on the path of wisdom, enabling individuals to embrace a life of higher consciousness and spiritual growth.


Chitra Pournami offers a unique opportunity to connect with the divine energies associated with the sages resting in Jeeva Samadhi. By engaging in rituals, visiting sacred sites, and meditating on the moon’s radiance, devotees can experience profound transformations on their spiritual journey. This auspicious day holds the promise of mental strength, willpower, and the potential to transcend worldly concerns, ultimately guiding individuals toward wisdom and moksha. Embrace the power of Chitra Pournami and embark on a path of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.