Marriage is a complex institution, one that is often entered into with high hopes but sometimes without a clear understanding of its true essence. Many individuals embark on this journey driven by physical desires, but what if there’s more to it? What if we could find a profound sense of joy and liberation through marriage by unraveling the mysteries of the human mind? In this blog, we explore the concept of Jeevanmukthi, a path to eternal bliss and liberation through understanding the mind’s natural flow.

The Mysterious Marriage Institution:

Marriage is a pivotal aspect of our lives. It’s a union of two individuals, often with different backgrounds, values, and expectations. More often than not, couples venture into this commitment without a comprehensive understanding of what marriage entails beyond the physical aspects. However, could there be a deeper purpose to marriage, one that transcends mere physical desires?

The Human Mind’s Enigmatic Nature:

To embark on the journey towards Jeevanmukthi, we must first explore the enigmatic nature of the human mind. The mind is a complex realm of thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. But how well do we truly understand it? It’s essential to acknowledge that the mind plays a significant role in shaping our experiences and responses in marriage and life in general.

The Pursuit of Joy:

As humans, our primary objective in life is to attain joy and happiness. The question arises: how can we attain this state of eternal bliss? According to the philosophy of Jeevanmukthi, the key lies in understanding the mind and allowing it to flow freely.

Surrendering to the Mind:

Jeevanmukthi encourages us to surrender completely to our minds. This means letting go of the thoughts that arise, whether they are good or bad without judgment. In doing so, we can experience profound freedom and liberation. By acknowledging the full spectrum of thoughts that enter our minds, we can release ourselves from the burden of judgment and expectation.

The Art of Free Flow:

The concept of ‘free flow’ is central to the path of Jeevanmukthi. It involves embracing every thought and feeling that passes through the mind without attempting to control or suppress it. This approach allows us to accept our thoughts without judgment and ultimately find a state of inner peace and happiness.

Attaining Eternal Bliss:

The ultimate goal of Jeevanmukthi is to attain a state of eternal bliss. By understanding and embracing the natural flow of the mind, we can find liberation and joy within the context of our marriage and, indeed, in all aspects of life. This philosophy teaches us that it’s possible to find happiness within ourselves, regardless of external circumstances.


Marriage is a complex and multifaceted journey, and our understanding of it should extend beyond physical desires. By delving into the enigmatic nature of the human mind and following the path of Jeevanmukthi, we can discover a profound sense of liberation and eternal bliss. It’s a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and the art of allowing the mind to flow freely. In this pursuit, we can find joy and fulfillment, not only within our marriage but in every aspect of life.