The human mind has an incredible ability to capture and latch onto anything it perceives. Once the mind catches hold of something, loosening its grip and letting go often becomes difficult. This is particularly true for habits and routines, especially those that cause harm to our bodies.

Identifying Bad Habits

Any habit or activity that harms the body is considered a bad habit. This can range from unhealthy eating practices to substance abuse. Understanding why we fall into these patterns is the first step toward overcoming them.

The Role of Diet in Sleep

Many people are unaware that our nightly sleep is significantly influenced by the food we consume. We often fall asleep due to the dizziness induced by a heavy meal. To improve the quality of sleep, it’s beneficial to free up the stomach by consuming only small amounts of fruits. This practice allows the body to receive agayasakthi (universal energy) from outside, promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

The Illusion of Enjoyment in Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking are notoriously difficult habits to break because they provide a certain level of enjoyment and joy. However, this sense of pleasure is merely an illusion created by the mind. Recognizing this illusion is crucial in the journey to quit these habits.

Teaching Children the Right Values

In today’s society, we often teach children to pursue money and success, sometimes at the expense of their well-being and kindness. This is a bad habit we pass on to the next generation. It’s essential to instill values of kindness and goodness in children, guiding them to become better individuals rather than merely successful ones.

The Cycle of Addiction

People often replace one addiction with another, believing it to be a solution. However, this merely shifts the focus of the problem. We may find ourselves trapped in a cycle, moving from one addiction to a larger one without knowing how to break free.

Finding Balance and Focus

It’s not inherently wrong to engage in various activities. The key is to focus on them mindfully, using them as tools to leave behind harmful addictions. By doing so, we can gradually come out of the cycle of addiction and lead healthier, more balanced lives.


Breaking free from bad habits and addictions requires a deep understanding of the mind’s tricks and illusions. By making mindful choices, teaching the right values, and focusing on healthy practices, we can overcome these challenges and lead fulfilling lives.