Most people don’t truly understand the essence of Deepavali. It’s often celebrated with the consumption of non-vegetarian food, wearing new clothes, and bursting crackers. However, this common perception deviates from the true meaning and purpose of Deepavali. Let’s delve deeper into what Deepavali signifies.

The True Meaning of Deepavali

The term “Deepavali” means “the light from the lamp.” This festival is not about abstaining from lighting a lamp; rather, it symbolizes the illumination of our inner selves. The world is a cycle of births and deaths, driven by fundamental needs such as hunger and physical desires, which are essential for the continuation of life. Ultimately, the purpose of life is to reach the divine and attain mukthi (liberation).

The Purpose of Religious Functions

Every religious function, including Deepavali, is a step towards achieving mukthi and connecting with the divine. These celebrations serve as reminders of our spiritual goals rather than mere occasions for worldly pleasures like bursting crackers.

Cleansing the Mind and Body

On this auspicious day, it’s crucial to cleanse our minds of dirty, negative thoughts and purify our bodies. Wearing new clothes symbolizes this fresh start. The real celebration involves eliminating bad thoughts through practices such as yoga, which helps cleanse both body and mind.

The Inner Light

The lamp we light on Deepavali should also be lit within ourselves. This inner light, located between the eyebrows on the forehead, represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Those who truly understand this concept will follow it and reach the divine more quickly.

The Impermanence of Wealth

While accumulating wealth might seem important, it’s essential to remember that after death, material possessions are inconsequential. What truly matters are the good deeds and sins we accumulate throughout our lives. Instead of focusing on saving wealth for future generations, it’s more valuable to save good deeds and strive to walk the path of righteousness.


Deepavali is a time for inner reflection and spiritual growth. By purifying our minds and bodies, lighting our inner lamps, and focusing on good deeds rather than material wealth, we can progress on the path to the divine and ultimately attain mukthi. Let this Deepavali be a reminder of the true essence of life and our spiritual journey towards the divine.