Embarking on the path of spiritual practice often brings forth a myriad of experiences. However, it is essential to navigate these experiences with a focused mindset, avoiding the pitfalls that can hinder true spiritual growth.

The Illusion of Experiences

While engaging in spiritual practices, various experiences may naturally arise. These occurrences, though intriguing, should not become the focal point of our journey. Dwelling on them can lead to distraction and an insatiable craving for new experiences, which detracts from the true purpose of our practice.

The Trap of the Mind

Our mind tends to become eager for new and exciting experiences. This eagerness can create a cycle where the mind constantly seeks stimulation, which ultimately strengthens the ego and reinforces the sense of “me.” Instead of emptying the mind and diminishing the ego, we end up feeding it, thus moving away from our ultimate spiritual goal.

The Goal of Yoga: Dissolving the Ego

The primary aim of yoga and other spiritual practices is to dissolve the ego and achieve a state of mental emptiness. When the mind is active and engaged, the ego, or the sense of “me,” remains prominent. This ego-centric state prevents us from experiencing the divine and attaining true spiritual enlightenment.

Achieving the Mindless State

The objective is to attain a mindless or zero state. Although new experiences may present themselves, they are simply tricks of the mind. Falling for these illusions can divert us from our true path. The key is to continue practicing without becoming attached to or overly curious about these experiences.

Stay on the Path

It is crucial to stay committed to the spiritual path without getting sidetracked by the mind’s games. Researching or indulging in these experiences can lead to confusion and distraction. Instead, maintain your focus on the practice itself and the gradual dissolution of the ego.


Spiritual practice is a journey towards emptiness and divine realization. By avoiding the temptation to dwell on or research our experiences, we can remain true to the path. The ultimate goal is to transcend the mind and ego, allowing us to experience the divine in its purest form. Stay focused, stay committed, and continue your practice with an unwavering mind.