Marriage is often based on fulfilling two primary desires: physical desire and mental desire. It is crucial to satisfy both to maintain a harmonious relationship. If these desires are not adequately met, problems can arise.

Balancing the Vayus in Our Body

In our body, there are ten types of vayus, or vital energies, that need to be balanced and functioning correctly. One key element in maintaining this balance is heat. When lust is properly executed or diverted into other activities, this heat is produced. However, when lust is not satisfied, particularly in women, it can lead to health issues.

The Link Between Sexual Dissatisfaction and Uterine Health

Women who are not sexually satisfied may become prone to diseases. This dissatisfaction can lead to the gradual rise of heat in the body, starting from the Muladhara (the root chakra). This imbalance can result in the formation of stones or cancer cells in the uterus, which is why many women opt to remove their uterus.

Understanding Women’s Mood Swings During Periods

Frequent mood swings during periods indicate that a woman’s body is not being supported adequately. This can be traced back to sexual dissatisfaction. When women turn irritable or “monster-like,” it is often because their sexual needs are not being met by men. Men, who typically reach satisfaction within 2-3 minutes of sperm ejaculation, must understand that women need 20-25 minutes to achieve sexual satisfaction. If this need is not met, the sexual fluid of women will not come out and women may experience physical and emotional distress.

The Consequences of Incomplete Sexual Satisfaction

Incomplete sexual satisfaction can lead to various issues, including the condition known as Hysteria. Men need to read and understand their partners’ needs to satisfy them fully. There is a process in sexual intercourse that can fulfill a woman’s needs, and men must learn and understand these basics. With proper knowledge, men can fully satisfy the women for 1-2 hours without ejaculating sperm. Men should satisfy the women in sex to the fullest and highest peak. Then, only their marriage life will be smooth and peaceful.

Communication and Care in Marriage

Men should communicate with their partners to understand if they are sexually satisfied. Most women, when asked, may say they are not. Taking care of a woman in all aspects, from top to bottom, is crucial. If a man is not interested in such a commitment to fulfilling the role, then he better consider options other than marriage. Keeping women happy and satisfied is not only a duty but also a moral responsibility. Failing to do so is considered a sin.

Learning and Improving Sexual Techniques

Men can learn more about satisfying their partners through various online resources. Understanding and applying these techniques can lead to a more fulfilling and happy marriage. It is imperative to take care of women in all matters, ensuring their overall happiness and well-being.

In conclusion, men have the responsibility to ensure their partners are sexually satisfied to the fullest. This requires understanding, communication, and proper execution of sexual techniques. A happy and healthy marriage depends on fulfilling both physical and mental desires, maintaining the balance of vital energies in the body, and taking care of one’s partner in every aspect.