Lord Arthanareeswarar, the divine philosopher, speaks about the nature of man and woman. Arthanareeswarar exists within every individual and manifests in both male and female forms. Within every individual, there exists masculinity and femininity. We will explore the importance of recognizing and understanding gender diversity in our society. So, let’s embark on this enlightening journey and explore the depths of gender identity.

Gender Identity and Equality:

The physical body, representing female identity, holds immense complexity. Despite the common misconceptions, the inherent nature of female identity encompasses various characteristics. For instance, the aspect of fertility distinguishes the female identity, and it is the chromosomes responsible for this unique trait. On the other hand, the male identity, housed within the right side of the body, exhibits distinct masculine qualities. Understanding these dynamics is crucial, as they shape our individual experiences and interactions within the world.

However, it is important to note that gender identity extends beyond physicality. There are instances where an individual may identify with a gender that differs from their assigned sex at birth. This diversity is an integral part of our world, and it is through the teachings of the great philosopher Arthanareeswarar that we can appreciate the spiritual significance of gender identity.

In the realm of spirituality, Lord Shiva is depicted as Ardhanarishvara, the embodiment of both masculine and feminine energies. The Ardhanarishvara symbolizes the interconnectedness of male and female identities, highlighting their equal importance. Just as the left side of the body represents the feminine aspect, the right side signifies the masculine aspect. This divine symbolism emphasizes that every individual possesses a blend of masculine and feminine qualities.

In our society, it is essential to recognize and respect gender diversity. Each individual’s unique place in the world is defined by their gender identity. It is our duty to embrace and celebrate the inherent feminine and masculine qualities in all individuals. By doing so, we foster an environment of inclusivity and honor the divine design of existence.


At last, gender identity is a fundamental aspect of every human being. Understanding the complexities of gender identity and recognizing the significance of gender diversity are crucial steps toward fostering a harmonious society. Let us strive to respect and celebrate the inherent feminine and masculine qualities within each individual, thereby embracing the divine design of humanity. By doing so, we can create a world that thrives on inclusivity, love, and acceptance for all.