Hello there, this is a short bite yet powerful, like a drop of honey. Here in this article, our brother, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu reveals the facts about why shouldn’t go out when someone of your relative passes away.


The answer is no. You don’t have to follow such rituals but on one condition. You should know why those rituals exist. Here in our case, there is a general saying that one should not go out when some relative of him passes away. Some may think that it is superstitious but it is not. The actual reason is that when a person who is close to us suddenly passes away, our mind will be stressed, panicked, saddened, and it won’t be stable. Hence, if we go out with such a mind, there are loud chances that we may get caught in an accident, and we may die. Hence, to prevent that, it has been made as a ritual so that we will follow it. If we have this clarity, and if we have a strong mind in tough times, then if required we can go out. There is nothing wrong with that. Thank you. Guruve Sharanam.

Thank you for your Time and Patience.