In a world often plagued by materialism and skepticism, stories of individuals who embark on a transformative spiritual journey to make a difference in the lives of others inspire us all. Such is the tale of Mahavishnu, the founder of the Paramporul Foundation, who transformed his life and touched the lives of many through his selfless acts of compassion and the dissemination of spiritual knowledge. Let’s delve into the extraordinary journey of Mahavishnu and the incredible work of the Paramporul Foundation.

Birth and Rise of Mahavishnu:

Mahavishnu, born on July 2nd, 1994, as the eldest son of Krishna Murthy and Parameshwari, has achieved remarkable success in various fields. Starting his education in a government public school, Mahavishnu excelled in his studies, receiving the highest honors in every subject. Alongside his academic achievements, Mahavishnu showcased his comedic talent on the television show “Asatha Povathu Yaru,” where he entertained Tamil people worldwide under the name “Madurai Maha“. His exceptional skills earned him the title of “Comedy Genius” on the show. Recognizing his talent, the Tamil Arts and Literature Society awarded him the prestigious title of “Best Comedic Artist.”

Even at the young age of 16, Mahavishnu received numerous accolades, including the Young Achiever Award from the Tirupur Rotary Club and the Chentamilchelvan Award from Sri Pushpam College. His exceptional abilities and contributions have been acknowledged by various media outlets such as Dinamalar, Dinathanthi, News7, and News18.

From Skepticism to Spiritual Awakening:

Mahavishnu, once a person skeptical of faith in God, had his life take an unexpected turn. After completing the script for a short film, fate intervened with a tragic incident that led him to visit the Kailasa Kona Falls. There, a deep inner voice guided him toward the Kashi Vishwanath Swami’s soul meditation spot. This encounter marked the beginning of Mahavishnu’s spiritual awakening.

A Profound Encounter:

At the soul meditation spot, Mahavishnu encountered a 92-year-old man, a disciple of Kashi Vishwanath Swami, who imparted profound wisdom and teachings on family, life, money, fame, assets, and desires. This encounter left a lasting impact on Mahavishnu, who promised to share this wisdom with others when he matured enough. The disciple’s teachings laid the foundation for Mahavishnu’s spiritual path.

Birth of the Paramporul Foundation:

Inspired by the divine wisdom he had received, Mahavishnu started the Paramporul Foundation, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the principles of life and mystical secrets without concealment. The channel gained rapid popularity, offering a beacon of light to thousands, healing their bodies, minds, and souls, and providing solutions to various problems.

Selfless Acts of Compassion:

Mahavishnu’s compassion knew no bounds. In the midst of financial challenges, he initiated the noble practice of providing midday meals to impoverished individuals every Thursday. When the second wave of the pandemic struck, he extended this initiative to offer daily meals to the homeless, an endeavor he continues to this day. The Paramporul Foundation also contributes to various social causes, including providing clothing, supporting education expenses for underprivileged students, constructing government schools, and organizing free eye care camps.

Empowering Through Knowledge:

Paramporul Foundation’s impact extends far beyond physical nourishment. Mahavishnu conducts events called “Paramporul Yogam,” where he imparts powerful meditation techniques and spiritual knowledge taught by sages and gurus. Attendees from diverse backgrounds, including authorities, teachers, doctors, businessmen, and sports personalities, have experienced miraculous resolutions to longstanding issues such as debts, employment, poverty, and family conflicts.

A Global Vision:

The teachings and training provided by Paramporul Foundation have gained recognition not only in major Indian cities but also in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Cambodia. Mahavishnu’s efforts to promote spiritual understanding have led him to advocate for the inclusion of Thiruvarutpa, written by the great spiritual teacher Vallalar, in Tamil Nadu’s school textbooks. The vision of the Paramporul Foundation is to elevate this noble cause to a global level.

Your Participation Matters:

The Paramporul Foundation relies on generous contributions and donations from individuals who resonate with its divine cause. By participating and contributing, you can play a vital role in reaching this transformative knowledge to many others. Financial assistance facilitates the dissemination of spiritual knowledge and supports the Foundation’s various charitable initiatives. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals, fostering compassion and spiritual growth.


Mahavishnu’s remarkable journey from skepticism to spirituality and the subsequent founding of the Paramporul Foundation exemplifies the immense power of compassion and the transformative potential of spiritual knowledge. Through his selfless acts and teachings, Mahavishnu continues to bring light and hope to those in need. Let us join hands, contribute, and participate in this noble cause, expanding its reach and uplifting humanity as a whole.